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The Goobay brand is valued for its huge product range, reliable functional quality, and extremely attractive price-performance ratio. The product range encompasses simply everything you need to keep your digital world connected and powered.

Cabstone accessories are designed to enhance the use of mobile devices.
Technology from Cabstone offers clever add-on functions, expands usability, and increases the fun factor of smart devices. The product range is expanded continuously and is marketed exclusively in a quality that users would not hesitate to recommend to their best friends.

The name Clicktronic stands for high-quality home cinema and HiFi accessories in 5-star quality; to support a viewing and listening experience like in the movie theater or concert hall. Clicktronic products are marked by first-class materials, the purest signal transmission, and an unwavering quality of workmanship. With their excellent image quality and dynamic sound reproduction, they are prized by hobby home cinema owners as well as professional users.

For a long time Tecxus has been a force to be reckoned within the area of consumer batteries, rechargeable batteries, and chargers. The complete product range is structured simply and understandably. For a few years now, it has been expanded to include USB power banks and high-quality LED fl ashlights. The entry-level light series „Easylight“ and the high-performance „Rebellights“ of sturdy aircraft aluminum are reliable outdoor and camping accessories with high luminosity and very low energy consumption.

3Sixt is the perfect brand for your retail store format. Using very innovative packaging and the latest technology, this brand has everything you need to offer accessories for all of today’s mobile devices.

Technology with a purpose: to make life better for everyone, everywhere. HP is one of the best known brands in the electronics wolrd. Wentronic acts as master distributor for HPs computer accessories in HK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Mice, Keyboards, Audio, Laptop accessories, webcams, power, storage are all part of this range.


Monday 16. January 2017

Wentronic acquired a majority stake

Cellnet Group Australia of Brisbane has been taken over by Wentronic in a friendly merger between the two companies. Similar to Wentronic Cellnet is a strong player in the Asia-Pacific region as distributor for brands such as GRIFFIN, BOSE, OtterBox and beats headphones. Cellnet also has their own accessories brands such as 3SIXT that provides a wide range of mobility solutions around smart phones and tablets. The two companies are merging their activities to create more reach to their own brands and leverage on synergies in production and logistics. Headquarters of both companies will remain in Braunschweig and Brisbane.

Monday 28. November 2016

This power bank is a bright spark: Reliable companion for the long, dark winter months!

  • new LED-torch with integrated power bank expands the Goobay® product range
  • powerful light with 120lm and a range of 30m
  • power bank with 2600mAh for charging smartphones through USB
  • fits every pocket because of its small size
Thursday 27. October 2016

A lot of juice for a little money: New powerful power banks complement Goobay® product range!

  • Goobay® expands product range with two powerful power banks for little money
  • power bank 20.0 charges up to 3 smartphones simultaneously
  • another version with 10.000 mAh for fully charging up to five small devices
  • 2.0 A for rapid charging
  • both novelties got an integrated micro-USB charging cable and LED status display
Thursday 13. Oktober 2016

Wentronic introduces HP and Hong Kong Electronics Show

Wentronic and HP proudly announce a new partnership at this years Hong Kong Eletronic Fair. Wentronic will be the exclusive master distributor for HP computer accessories in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Wentronic will manage the sales and marketing of HP mice, keyboards, bags, speakers, headphones, laptop batteries, webcams, chargers and many more accessories. “This partnership is a strategic step for both of our companies,” explains Brian Danos, general manager of Wentronic Asia-Pacific. “Their portfolio of accessories has never been managed by an accessory-focused distributor. For us, working with one the leading electronics companies of all times is a great honor.” The company is officially posed to take over distribution as of 1st December.

Tuesday 27. September 2016

More power for bikers: Practical power bank for enthusiastic cyclists

  • handy power bank “Bike-Power 5.0” for assembly on bicycles enhances Goobay product range
  • 5.000 mAh battery capacity for fully charging up to two smartphones or small devices
  • easy assembly on bike frame through included bicycle mount
  • integrated LED torch function helps you to find items in the dark