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Kevin Gilmore

Director Sales

Phone +852 2525 1630
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About Wentronic Asia Pacific

Sales Sourcing and Distribution in Asia since 2005

Wentronic is a German company headquartered in Braunschweig. As a producer of electronic accessories we have a strong network of production facilities across China. With the head office of Wentronic Asia Pacific in Hong Kong, we have the ability to manage our supplier base throughout China. Product management, finance, warehousing and sales are based here. In China Wentronic has offices in Shenzhen and Ningbo that work closely with our supplier partners in production, quality and logistics.

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Wentronic Asia-Pacific is responsible for the World-wide sales excluding Europe. Our dedicated sales team works with partners around the world to grow our brands Goobay, Cabstone, Clicktronic, Tecxus and 3SixT. As master distributor of HP accessories for Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam Wentronic manages the sales and marketing of HP mice, keyboards, bags, speakers, headphones and many more accessories.

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Locations & Regions

Located right in the heart of Hong Kong, the company headquarters is a logistically ideal site for serving customers in the Near East, Asia, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Americas. With regional offices in Shenzhen and Ningbo China, as well as Ho Chi Minh Vietnam we are well suited to handle the global sales requirements needed from our partners.


Our Sales Team

Logistics Hub in the center of Asia

Located strategically in Hong Kong where the production markets of the far east meet the worldwide logistics network, Wentronic has been located here since 2005. Aside from our sales office in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island, Wentronic runs a state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution house in Kwai Chung, north Kowloon.

In this facility our products destined to be sold around the world are stored and pick-packed to the desired quantities. These stocks are managed with our worldwide ERP system allowing us to turn around orders within a 24 hour time frame.